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IPAC accreditation number L0278

Testing Laboratory, with IPAC accreditation number L0278, fulfilling all the accreditation requirements for Testing Laboratories according to NP EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005.

Market Leaders

Market Leaders in Portugal in the field of atmospheric emissions control, and calibration of Automatic Measurement Systems (AMS), having also worked, among others, in Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Spain.


Our monitoring teams perform measurements in a wide range of industries, namely:

Cement; Incinerators; Thermal Power Stations; Chemical and Pharmaceutical; Metallurgy; Food; Paper and pulp; Automobile; Refineries.


Our Services

 Air Monitoring

Air Monitoring

 Quality Assurance of Automated Measurement Systems (AMS) - EN 14181

Quality Assurance of Automated Measurement Systems (AMS) - EN 14181


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